Wardrobe Hangers and Hanger Accessories

Fold Down Laundry Valet - Chrome (L21)

Quality chrome fitting.

Fixes to wall and folds down at integrated points.

Mounting plate diameter: 80mm

Length: 285mm

Price: $39.95

Skirt & Trouser Hanger - Single (3183)

Pack of 3
Price: $6.50

Skirt & Trouser Hanger - Multi (3426)

4 Rows
Price: $8.95

Deluxe Timber Hanger (311099)

for jackets or shirts.
Price: $6.95

Deluxe Timber Combination Hanger (311953)

Deluxe timber combination hanger for jackets or shirts and skirts or trousers.
Price: $4.95

Antipex Hangers

Pack of 5

Available in White or Black
Made in Australia.

Accessories also available separately - shoulder pads, clips for skirts and trousers.

Price: $6.95

Antipex Shoulder Pads

Pack of 4

to suit White (AP01) or Black (AP02) hangers.

Made in Australia.
Price: $4.50

Antipex Hanger Pegs

Pack of 8

to suit White (AP01) or Black (AP02) hangers
or used as replacement parts for White (AP20) or Black (AP21) Skirt & Trouser Hangers

Made in Australia.
Price: $5.95

Antipex Skirt / Trouser Hanger

Pack of 3

Made in Australia.

Replacement pegs available White (AP10)
or Black (AP11) 
Price: $6.95

Antipex Peg Hooks - White only (AP25)

Pack of 6

Replacement pegs available (AP10)

Made in Australia.
Price: $7.50

Trouser Hanger (3427)

Non-slip swing out arms.

4 swing out arms, 1 fixed rail at the bottom, all with non-slip coating.
Price: $9.95

4 Tier Shirt Hanger (3474)

4 Non-slip moveable arms.

Price: $7.95