Space Bag 6 Bag Combo (SB315)


Triple your storage space with the Vacuum Seal/Roll Up 6 Bag Combo.

These durable compressor storage bags are ideal for storing all sorts of soft bulky items when no longer needed or when travelling and space is crucial. Each bag is airtight and watertight, to protect your clothes and linen from insects, dirt, mildew and odours while packed away.

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2 x large bags 54cm x 85cm
1 x extra large bag 67cm x 100cm
1 x jumbo bag 89cm x 121cm
2 x medium travel roll up bags 35cm x 50cm (so vacuum required)

Patented leak-proof, cap-free dome valve
Easy to seal slider
Durable multi-layer polymer film
Bulky items stay compressed
Double zipper is airtight and watertight
Protects against insects, dirt, mildew and odours
Roll up bags require no vacuuming to seal

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