Sweepovac (SWEEPO1)

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Bye bye dustpan – Hello Sweepovac

Keeping your kitchen cleaner just got a lot easier with Sweepovac – a simple, powerful always available vacuum to suck away floor sweepings. Conveniently placed in the kitchen and instantly available at any time, requires no set up or put away time. Sweepovac makes your life easier by reducing household work and you’ll never have to use a dustpan again – simply dispose of your floor sweepings in 3 seconds flat.

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Suitable for kitchens, motor homes, caravans and utility rooms.

Sweepovac Central Vacuum System (version1). Includes 1 filter and 3 disposable bags.

  • Cleaner Floors

  •  Sweepings gone in a second

  • No Bending

  • Loves sucking up pet hairs

  • Easily fitted in 30 minutes

  • Powerful suction

  •  Space Saving

Extra Accessaries can be ordered as Below

1). SL-DB : Disposable vacuum bags to suit Sweepovac SVPSL3 (includes 3 bags, 1 filter)

2). SL-RB :  Re-usable vacuum bag and hepa filter to suit Sweepovac SVPSL3 (1 x bag, 1 x filter)

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