About The Storage Shop

Way back in 1992, the concept of The Storage Shop was formed by a cabinet maker who had been running his own kitchen design and manufacturing business for over 10 years. He saw a need for cabinet fittings, traditionally only offered at the time of designing a new kitchen, to be made available to people for their existing kitchens. Small jobs such as fitting drawer organisers into drawers, installing rotating shelves into corner cupboards, and fitting bins into undersink cupboards. Even custom making drawers to replace shelves inside cupboards, to increase storage and enable better access to the contents of the cupboards. Jobs that the larger kitchen manufacturers did not want to know about. Hence The Storage Shop was created.

Over the years The Storage Shop has evolved to include solutions for all areas of the home, offering unique products from around the world as well as designing and manufacturing products locally in Adelaide. Walk in robes have also become a specialty, using the world renowned Elfa range of shelving and basket systems.

The Storage Shop specialises in creating innovative storage solutions personalised to suit your needs. Our large showroom is like a toy shop for adults. Come in and see our extensive range of working displays. Enjoy a fun shopping experience and let one of our trained knowledgeable staff assist you with your project at hand.

Over the last few years our website has evolved from an information site to a full online shop. When you make a purchase from The Storage Shop you are supporting a fully Australian owned retail business – just like walking into your local corner shop. We thank you for your support and appreciate any feedback that can help us provide you with the best service possible.