Sphere Storage Mirror (A122)


The stylish yet functional Sphere Storage Mirror is the perfect addition to your bathroom or vanity. Made from stylish crystal acrylic. Looks just like glass, but wont break if accidentally dropped on your bathroom tiles.

The mirror’s clever spherical shape allows you to use the reverse side of the mirror for storage. Perfect for cotton balls, q-tips, hair clips and much more, the Sphere Storage Mirror ensures all your bathroom products are within easy reach, without any mess or clutter on your counter.

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160mm wide x 115mm deep x 215mm high

3 x magnification mirror
Spherical storage compartment at rear of mirror
Sturdy crystal acrylic base

Storage space in back of mirror ideal for cotton balls, pads, hair clips and other items.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 170 × 125 × 225 mm


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